Till We Meet Again

I used to know you until I didn’t,
We didn’t have a falling out,
We did not grow apart,
We had no choice when you breathed your last.
You were my first friend, the one who taught me to smile,
You knew my dreams. You knew my fears.
You disagreed yet supported and fought but forgave,
And when you were clueless, you still taught me to be brave.
A year has gone by, and so much has changed,
Some days your absence hit me like thunder,
And the tears fell like acid rain.
But over a period of time, I began to smile from the heart again.
Once we were four and now we’re three,
One day you were present, but now you’re history,
Memories flash before my eyes, every now and then,
For now, I’ll hold on to just that, Dear Sister, till we meet again.


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