The Wonder Years

Bangkok weather is fantastic today; it’s pouring cats and dogs. Just the kind of weather I loved in Mumbai when it was accompanied by chai and some friendly banter. The rains have brought back memories from college days. When I was a teenager, I couldn’t help wanting to grow up quick and have my own … [Read more…]


Bobbie Roy got this one right; one woman’s trash can definitely be another woman’s treasure. And what better example can there be than a yard sale. A yard sale is the deepest discount party you will ever attend. Last week I went to my first yard sale. Bangkok is known for its high rise apartments, so … [Read more…]

Desi Connect

This morning I was chatting with a friend who recently moved to America; according to her, since the move, she has found herself becoming very ‘desi’. For those who are not familiar with the word, desi is a term for people and products of the Indian subcontinent. Her observation made me homesick. Bangkok has a … [Read more…]

Happy Hour

When you become a parent, Happy Hour gets a whole new meaning. For me, this hour is the period between her bed time and my bed time. My husband and I slip into our shorts, bring out the Oreos and milk or occasionally some chamomile sleepy tea, put on our earphones and slide into an … [Read more…]

Thailand Rocks

My husband says I have more than 50 shades of grey to me. Black and white are only colours in my wardrobe, mostly the former. I love surprises, pleasant ones preferably. So when he told me he was being offered an exciting role in Bangkok, he was prepared for my response. In a couple of … [Read more…]

30s Love

I used to wonder why people said love was dynamic and ever-changing. I am no expert, but I’ve had my fair share of experiences to know that the observation holds true. I used to once be the apple of my husband’s eye. Not any longer. The apple still exists. But it’s no longer a human … [Read more…]