Happy Hour

When you become a parent, Happy Hour gets a whole new meaning. For me, this hour is the period between her bed time and my bed time. My husband and I slip into our shorts, bring out the Oreos and milk or occasionally some chamomile sleepy tea, put on our earphones and slide into an … [Read more…]

His & Hers

Taking a break from work was a dream come true. I still remember conversations with colleagues on how I’d like to take a sabbatical and care for my new-born. I wasn’t the Nutella earner any longer. He was going to bring home the bread and jam and Nutella. Although he didn’t know he was expected … [Read more…]

Thailand Rocks

My husband says I have more than 50 shades of grey to me. Black and white are only colours in my wardrobe, mostly the former. I love surprises, pleasant ones preferably. So when he told me he was being offered an exciting role in Bangkok, he was prepared for my response. In a couple of … [Read more…]

30s Love

I used to wonder why people said love was dynamic and ever-changing. I am no expert, but I’ve had my fair share of experiences to know that the observation holds true. I used to once be the apple of my husband’s eye. Not any longer. The apple still exists. But it’s no longer a human … [Read more…]

Big City Lights

Well, this is my first ever public blog post and it’s taken me several months to get started. My family and I moved to Bangkok, Thailand around eight months ago. Did we want to move? Oh yes. Over the years we tried many ways to do so. The wait was long. And when it came, it … [Read more…]