My Big Night

So, last weekend my husband and I finally spent a night out in Bangkok – the first time to be precise. Home-stay was the new normal for us for a long time. A lot of research went into picking the venue, after all, I was stepping out sans a pram and into a pub with … [Read more…]

Christmas in Summer

Last weekend we finally put up the Christmas tree at home – it does look a lot like Christmas now; however, it doesn’t feel one bit like the holiday I grew up on. Like western countries, the malls in Bangkok are beautifully decorated with 40-ft high Christmas trees. And yes winter sales with promotion lines … [Read more…]

Let’s agree to disagree

“What’s going on in India?” I asked, overwhelmed by the news feeds across news websites. As expected, there is silence in the room. My husband ignores my anxiousness; he is confident I will answer my own question and is much more interested in my answer – that’s when the real debate begins. “An intolerance heat … [Read more…]

Oh Little Chinatown

You may not find food in Antarctica; but, if you look hard enough, you will find a Chinese and an Indian – just joking or am I? It’s amazing how people from these two countries have travelled far and wide and have created their own success stories. I love how the Chinese create their own … [Read more…]

Girl Uninterrupted

So, I have been a little sluggish lately and hence desperately needed to snap out of the funk! I couldn’t put my finger on the issue; I was going through a mental upheaval of sorts. The weekend arrived and I decided to step on it. The husband was given strict instructions to make contact only … [Read more…]