Are you on your period?

Husband:”Are you on your period?” Me: “Nope, but if you ask me that question every alternate day, you might bleed soon.” That’s not a threat! I can’t figure out why there is so much mystery attached to it; this natural monthly cycle has existed since the evolution of mankind. If you grew up in India … [Read more…]

Life Lessons

After a hiatus of twenty-four years or so I’ve begun reading fairy tales all over again, this time to my little girl. The Grimm Brothers were truly freaking grim and their tales could truly scar little children for life. However, some of them can teach us adults a few good lessons we could use in … [Read more…]

Floating Away

It’s a hot March weekend and we have a houseguest who’s not keen on typical Bangkok nightlife or Thai beaches. I’m not a fan of the sun and made it pretty darn clear whatever we do, we need to beat the heat. A toddler strapped on to a parent in humid Bangkok heat is jail … [Read more…]


Last night I watched a recently released Bollywood film titled Neerja. The film is about a real-life hero who died while on duty, saving the lives of hundreds of passengers on a Pan Am flight in 1986. The movie was flawless (completely my opinion here). A particular dialogue in the movie kept me up late … [Read more…]