To be Free and Happy and Gay

I logged into my facebook account this morning and came across a fantastic letter written by my dear friend, and now author Sakshama Puri Dhariwal. She penned an Open Letter to Karan Johar on the subject of homosexuality in his films. She actually called out to KJo – how cool! I must confess I am not … [Read more…]

Running Out of Time

Sunglasses – check; a favorite pair of shoes – check; bunny in tow –  check. She has it all sorted before we step out of the house for our weekly grocery shopping at the corner supermarket. This supermarket is every mother’s dream. It houses a bakery and has a Starbucks cafe adjacent to it – … [Read more…]

Are you on your period?

Husband:”Are you on your period?” Me: “Nope, but if you ask me that question every alternate day, you might bleed soon.” That’s not a threat! I can’t figure out why there is so much mystery attached to it; this natural monthly cycle has existed since the evolution of mankind. If you grew up in India … [Read more…]

Floating Away

It’s a hot March weekend and we have a houseguest who’s not keen on typical Bangkok nightlife or Thai beaches. I’m not a fan of the sun and made it pretty darn clear whatever we do, we need to beat the heat. A toddler strapped on to a parent in humid Bangkok heat is jail … [Read more…]