Seeds of Gratitude

Are we being thankful enough? We’re a few days away from Thanksgiving Day, and although, it’s not a holiday I celebrated in India, I plan to do so this year. I think it’s the best American holiday; family and friends gather around a large table of awesome food and share notes on all that they’re … [Read more…]

It’s Never Easy…

Some think I’m too strict, Some think I need to be more assertive, Some say I’m a helicopter mom… Others say I’m a cool mom! I guess over the last two years I have learned to graciously smile and listen to some of this constructive feedback (although many a time, right then, during the delivery … [Read more…]

The Male Flu

Disclaimer – This post isn’t about gender equality. The Male flu – A dear friend recently introduced me to this one. I was intrigued with the term and thought about it many hours later, too. Over several cups of tea, coffee, and even brunches I distinctly remember having long-drawn conversations on this very same topic … [Read more…]

Expect the Unexpected

Let me begin by saying Bangkok never fails to surprise me – the people, weather, farang craze and the list goes on. So, Lil Z and I were having a lazy Thursday and somewhere around two p.m. I decided to make it a little exciting. We had done a lot of outdoorsy things the last … [Read more…]

Learning From Unexpected Sources

Two weeks from today, Lil Z turns two. Even airline companies will begin to consider her a tiny human and not an infant anymore. Damn! No more free tickets. It’s been a fantastic year for both of us. Each time she reached a new milestone I experienced mixed emotions: happiness, sadness, anxiety – they came … [Read more…]


This morning, I was chatting with a friend who recently gave birth to a little boy and she happened to mention how amazed she was with the human body – how it allows for a whole human to be pushed out. To that, I answered like a typical mother of a two-year-old. The one that’s … [Read more…]