The Male Flu

Disclaimer – This post isn’t about gender equality. The Male flu – A dear friend recently introduced me to this one. I was intrigued with the term and thought about it many hours later, too. Over several cups of tea, coffee, and even brunches I distinctly remember having long-drawn conversations on this very same topic … [Read more…]

Expect the Unexpected

Let me begin by saying Bangkok never fails to surprise me – the people, weather, farang craze and the list goes on. So, Lil Z and I were having a lazy Thursday and somewhere around two p.m. I decided to make it a little exciting. We had done a lot of outdoorsy things the last … [Read more…]

Learning From Unexpected Sources

Two weeks from today, Lil Z turns two. Even airline companies will begin to consider her a tiny human and not an infant anymore. Damn! No more free tickets. It’s been a fantastic year for both of us. Each time she reached a new milestone I experienced mixed emotions: happiness, sadness, anxiety – they came … [Read more…]


This morning, I was chatting with a friend who recently gave birth to a little boy and she happened to mention how amazed she was with the human body – how it allows for a whole human to be pushed out. To that, I answered like a typical mother of a two-year-old. The one that’s … [Read more…]

Hair Today. Gone Tomorrow.

So, last night we were invited to a house party (kids included) and I thought I should head to a salon and get a professional to blow dry my hair; make it look a little more presentable. However, given the heat Bangkok is blessed with I just couldn’t get myself to move out of the … [Read more…]

To be Free and Happy and Gay

I logged into my facebook account this morning and came across a fantastic letter written by my dear friend, and now author Sakshama Puri Dhariwal. She penned an Open Letter to Karan Johar on the subject of homosexuality in his films. She actually called out to KJo – how cool! I must confess I am not … [Read more…]