The Joy of Little Surprises

Come August and I am going to experience my first mommy graduation. I will soon be a pre-schooler mom. Boy! Time does fly by…doesn’t it? I can now say that since I’ve successfully crossed the toddler bridge. But the last three years weren’t a piece of cake. Don’t let FB posts fool you. Not all … [Read more…]

My Picasso Moment

I’ve been super lazy the past few weeks…in other words, I’m having the perfect vacation. Lil Z doesn’t have much to complain about either. She has been lapping up all the love and pampering that she can from her nonna and aunt. My sister did notice that I was getting a little too attached to … [Read more…]

This is Us

‘This is Us’Well if you are wondering what I’m getting at…This is Us is the name of a brilliant television show and I highly recommend a watch. I’ve been talking about it all week; I love drama and I usually get very involved with the characters…but this show was just something else for me. It … [Read more…]

The Big Question – Who Am I?

Disclaimer: This post doesn’t aim to be biased towards any particular community, religion or nationality. This weekend my husband and I celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary, and of course, we did go out for a lovely meal and enjoy ourselves. Yes, the panna cotta was the highlight of my meal, but the healthy debate we … [Read more…]

When Life Happened…

Today I celebrate my second anniversary in Thailand, and I’m not going to hesitate to give myself a huge pat on the back. When Lil Z and I boarded that flight to Bangkok, we were like clueless chickens with no game plan. We were just blindly following the leader, and today I can proudly say … [Read more…]

Are Our 30s the New 20s?

Happy Happy Happy New Year Everyone!I’ve had a slow first week and I’m loving it. I’m enjoying the peace and quiet at home (even with a toddler…beat that). I’m actually tired after my three-week visit to the motherland. I was supposed to be on a break…a vacation. Umm, somehow it didn’t feel like it. I … [Read more…]

Seeds of Gratitude

Are we being thankful enough? We’re a few days away from Thanksgiving Day, and although, it’s not a holiday I celebrated in India, I plan to do so this year. I think it’s the best American holiday; family and friends gather around a large table of awesome food and share notes on all that they’re … [Read more…]