Me & My Mind

A few months ago I came across a fabulous 21-day mental wellness challenge post on Pinterest and as usual, I forwarded it around for others to have a look. Most agreed that it was a superb challenge to undertake, but none of us got started on it. So four days ago, when I found myself … [Read more…]

Till We Meet Again

I used to know you until I didn’t, We didn’t have a falling out, We did not grow apart, We had no choice when you breathed your last. You were my first friend, the one who taught me to smile, You knew my dreams. You knew my fears. You disagreed yet supported and fought but … [Read more…]


A human being who comes bearing gifts with an imaginary cape draped around her shoulder and who only has love and hugs to give––that’s my daughter’s definition of a grandparent. A parent who is brimming with love and doesn’t have to use a stern voice or an empty threat––that’s my definition of a grandparent. And … [Read more…]

The Joy of Little Surprises

Come August and I am going to experience my first mommy graduation. I will soon be a pre-schooler mom. Boy! Time does fly by…doesn’t it? I can now say that since I’ve successfully crossed the toddler bridge. But the last three years weren’t a piece of cake. Don’t let FB posts fool you. Not all … [Read more…]