The Joy of Little Surprises

Come August and I am going to experience my first mommy graduation. I will soon be a pre-schooler mom. Boy! Time does fly by…doesn’t it? I can now say that since I’ve successfully crossed the toddler bridge. But the last three years weren’t a piece of cake. Don’t let FB posts fool you. Not all … [Read more…]

This is Us

‘This is Us’Well if you are wondering what I’m getting at…This is Us is the name of a brilliant television show and I highly recommend a watch. I’ve been talking about it all week; I love drama and I usually get very involved with the characters…but this show was just something else for me. It … [Read more…]

It’s Never Easy…

Some think I’m too strict, Some think I need to be more assertive, Some say I’m a helicopter mom… Others say I’m a cool mom! I guess over the last two years I have learned to graciously smile and listen to some of this constructive feedback (although many a time, right then, during the delivery … [Read more…]